BlocksCAD at Home

Available Courses

Introduction to BlocksCAD

  • Learn the basics of BlocksCAD
  • Learn the basics of translations 
    & rotations in BlocksCAD
  • Includes two 3D printed objects

Parent Testimonial

My child fell in love with 3D design at her school’s enrichment class delivered by BlocksCAD. The software is perfectly adapted to kids’ world and the creation (or invention) of the things has quickly became her favorite activities at home as well. The application is super intuitive, but provides everything kids need to design complex objects when their appetites are growing. The pursuit of new projects naturally made our daughter creating project plan first, organizing objects, applying her skills from the “smart games” and feeling that math is cool (no kidding!). I am surprised how enthusiastic my daughter is learning now calculus, geometry, programming skills just to be able to build her new things with this application… My wife and I can’t be more thankful to BlocksCAD for our girl's motivation of digging into these disciplines and the passion to go beyond school curriculum. Currently, my daughter takes advanced on-line classes from a BlocksCAD teacher, since the application is perfectly design for this type of interaction. 

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Design & print 3D models by writing code

Intermediate BlocksCAD

  • Advance your BlocksCAD knowledge 
    by learning "Set Operations"; 
    including Union, Difference, 
    and Hull
  • Includes two 3D printed objects

Are you part of the Rocky Hill pilot?

  • 2 month program customized to 
  • your student.
  • Includes two 3D printed objects.

BlocksCAD Coding Part 1 or 2

  • Learn the basics of coding, 
    including Variables & Loops
  • Includes two 3D printed objects

Course Length: Each of our courses is 8 weeks long and can be started at any time. Each course requires a 2-3 hour commitment each week.

Great for learners of all ages

Weekly meetings with your dedicated BlocksCAD Coach

Weekly Challenges for your child

Accountability & Structure for after school

What is BlocksCAD at Home?

We help build a math & computer science foundation by creating 3D objects using programmatic CAD.

Learn Math & Coding using CAD

Personalized Online Curriculum using BlocksCAD